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Below are some of the testimonials from clients that have been treated by Irene using Bowen Therapy techniques

P. D. Ireland (IT Engineer) aged 52

I had been a self employed IT engineer for a number of years. I suffered from continuous back pain due to the amount of Golf I played as a youth which has carried on into my senior years. After being recommended to Irene for some Bowen Therapy I have been fortunate not to be plagued with back pain for over two years now. I can't believe the change this has made to my every day life. It has made such a difference to my life both work and social. Many Thank Irene.

Alison Carnegie aged 68

I am 68 years old and suffered from chronic back problems (one side of the pelvis seemed to be higher than the other, which resulted in a pronounced limp) and that has been described by an NHS orthopaedic consultant as severe arthritis in the left hip. It was suggested that I try a heel lift in my shoe but this was very painful as it forced my left leg higher into the arthritic hip. I came to Bowen therapy through Irene Blair two and a half years ago when I could hardly walk, due to pain in my left leg after a routine NHS injection in my left hip which was meant to alleviate my symptoms. I improved greatly after the first few consultations with Irene and have continued to have monthly sessions of this wonderful Bowen therapy which really helps me, and the difference in my leg length which was once so acute is now considerably less. I am now a great deal more mobile and am able to do some light gardening once more. Bowen therapy with Irene is a wonderful relaxing experience and when I get off her couch I feel as if my whole body has been properly realigned. Irene is a very caring, experienced therapist who has amazing healing hands. I cannot recommend Bowen highly enough.

Maureen Blackstock aged 55

I am a lady aged 55 and have lived with MS for 26 years. Initially, like many others at the time, the thinking of neurologists was to "wait and see" and so , that is what happened. Busy bringing up my family, I learned to live with the symptoms and "managed" my life accordingly. My MS had become secondary progressive, for which there was no medication, this is still the case. Carrying on daily, working full time, 2014 brought new challenges. Changes to my job brought more pressure and stress into my life, unfortunately, causing considerable pain in my feet when walking, loss of grip and pain in my hands and my right calf, and also having to use a walking stick and wear a foot brace to aid with "drop foot", balance issues also causing me to have many trips and falls. As my mobility decreased and pain increased, a colleague noticed the changes in me and suggested I have a therapy called "Bowen" which was to be beneficial in alleviating pain and many other ailments for people of all ages. I was eager to find someone nearby just to try it, as by this time I had just about had enough mentally and physically. My colleague gave me Irene Blair, "Bowen Therapist" phone number and I contacted her to arrange an appointment. She explained that she'd never treated anyone with MS but was willing to give it a go. My first treatment, roughly 7 weeks ago was a very gentle introduction to "Bowen" with Irene doing minimal moves for approximately half an hour just to see how my body would react to it. I thought I must be imagining it because I was sure I felt better and slightly more mobile after getting down from the treatment table. I was good for just about a full week and so contacted her for another session. My second session lasted an hour, with Irene using deeper moves this time. Again, I felt the benefit almost immediately and walking back to the car was much more fluid and much less of a struggle. Two weeks past and my third visit was again deeper "Bowen" therapy. This last session has lasted me a month and I am considering booking in for another session to boost me for my visit to Canada in July to meet my new grandson. Before any of this therapy, I honestly couldn't walk or bear my weight after initially getting out of bed in the mornings. It has made such a difference to me and my life in general. In fact, friends say I look like I'm standing taller and look younger. It's amazing what a relatively pain free life can do for your whole demeanour, I feel like a new person and can only recommend that you give this a try. After all, what have you got to lose other than pain? Thank you so much Irene Blair.

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